Well Logging – Vol 1: Data Acquisition and Applications

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This book explains in detail all the physical principles on which are based the logging tools both WL and LWD.

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Language ENGLISH
Publish year 2008
Pages 688 pages
ISBN 9782951561250


This book explains in detail all the physical principles on which are based the logging tools both WL and LWD. It describes as well the fundamental tools of the principal service companies, focusing on the factors which influence the measurement and on the main applications in geology, geophysics and petrophysics. As such it constitutes a reference document for all geologists and engineers involved in petroleum exploration and field development.


This publication is the second of a hopeful trilogy publication focusing on the theoretical as well as pragmatic aspects of data recording and collection from wireline and drill-string-conveyed (LWD) logging tools […] I am impressed with the elaborate figures, tables, and mathematical equations, included to aid the reader in comprehension of the written text. (J.F. Born, Jr., consulting petroleum geologist, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, in AAPG, vol. 89, no 3, March 2005)

Table of Contents

1. Review of Fundamental Notions.
2. General Processes used for Recording Physical Parameters.
3. Generalities on Electrical Measurements.
4. Resistivity Measurements.
5. Conductivity Measurements.
6. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation and Attenuation Measurements.
7. Magnetic Susceptibility and Total Magnetic Field Measurements.
8. Spontaneous Potential Measurement.
9. Generalities on Nuclear Measurements.
10. Generalities on Natural Radioactivity.
11. Total Natural Radioactivity Measurements.
12. Spectrometry of Natural Activity.
13. Density and Photoelectric Index Measurements.
14. Generalities on Neutron Physics.
15. Neutron Porosity Measurements.
16. Spectrometry of Induced Gamma Rays.
17. Thermal Neutron Die-Away Measurements.
18. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements.
19. Generalities on Acoustic Measurements.
20. Sonic Transit Time Measurements.
21. Sonic Amplitude and Attenuation Measurements.
22. Well Seismic Techniques.
23. Generalities on Rock Texture and Structure Determination.
24. Dip and Image Acquisition, Interpretation and Applications.
25. Temperature Measurements.
26. Borehole Caliper Measurements.
27. Wireline Rock Sampling.
28. Fluid Sampling and Pressure Measurements.
29. Place and Role of Logging in Petroleum Exploration.
30. Logging Programs.
31. Quick-look Methods.

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