Thrustbelts – Structural Architecture, Thermal Regimes and Petroleum Systems


The authors of Thrustbelts provide a comprehensive account of thrust systems, including orogenic thrustbelts, transpressional ranges and accretionary prisms and discuss both thin skin thrust systems a

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Publisher Cambridge
Language ENGLISH
Publish year 2009
Pages 554 pages
ISBN 9780521110433


Thrustbelts are likely to be productive sources of hydrocarbons well into the future. Many new technical tools are enabling new discoveries, or the more efficient recovery of known reserves. The authors provide a comprehensive account of thrust systems, including orogenic thrustbelts, transpressional ranges and accretionary prisms and discuss both thin skin thrust systems and thick skin inversion structures.

The book includes major sections on the basic concepts, definitions and mechanics of thrust systems, the roles of syn-tectonic stratigraphy and fluid flow in determining structural style, the origins and nature of evolving thermal regimes in thrustbelts, and a thorough analysis of petroleum systems and hydrocarbon plays in thrustbelts. Case studies are presented with discussion of the potential applications of the technique, possible limitations and future developments. A comprehensive database of thrustbelts is available to download. This book will be an invaluable resource for research scientists, oil company managers and students.

* Comprehensive modern synthesis
* Truly global in scope with examples from most of the world’s principal thrustbelts
* Provides comprehensive data bases on a range of thrustbelt features
* Integrates diverse topics normally treated in isolation by most authors


‘…it should certainly be on the shelves of univeristy libraries, where it will occupy a much needed niche … It is to be recommended for industry professionals and academics alike who are interesed in teaching the subject or developing an up-to-date understanding of the complexity and global significance of thrustbelts.’ (Journal of Geological Magazine)

Table of Contents


Part I. Fundamentals of Thrustbelts:

1. Introduction to the topic of thrustbelts;
2. Mechanics of thrust wedges;
3. Mechanics of thrust sheets;
4. Thin-skin thrustbelt structures;
5. Thick-skin thrustbelt structures;
6. Determination of timing of thrusting and deformation rates;

Part II. Evolving Structural Architecture and Fluid Flow:

7. Role of mechanical stratigraphy on evolving architectural elements and structural style;
8. Role of pre-contractional tectonics and anisotropy on evolving structural style;
9. Role of syn-orogenic erosion and deposition on evolving structural style;
10. Fluid flow in thrustbelts during and after deformation;

Part III. Thermal Regime:

11. Role of pre-orogenic heat flow on subsequent thermal regimes;
12. Role of structural and stratigraphic architecture on thermal regimes;
13. Role of syn-orogenic burial and/or uplift and erosion on thermal regimes;
14. Role of deformation on thermal regimes;
15. Role of fluid movement on thermal regimes;

Part IV. Petroleum Systems:

16. Hydrocarbons in thrustbelts: global view;
17. Source rocks in thrustbelt settings;
18. Maturation and migration in thrustbelts;
19. Seals and traps in thrustbelts;
20. Reservoir destruction or enhancement due to thrusting;
21. Remaining petroleum potential of thrustbelts.

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