Permo-Triassic Sequence of the Arabian Plate


The volume portrays the Khuff formation, which stretches across six countries, from an integrated petroleum- systems perspective.

Publisher EAGE
Language ENGLISH
Publish year 2014
Pages 409 pages


‘Permo-Triassic Sequence of the Arabian Plate’, edited by Michael Pöppelreiter, is based on the findings of an EAGE organized workshop held in Kuwait on the stratigraphy, reservoir and exploration techniques of the Arabian Khuff formation. The volume portrays the Khuff formation, which stretches across six countries, from an integrated petroleum- systems perspective: source, reservoir and seal across the platform from margin to open marine environments.

The special publication was written by 64 authors and co-authors, from 17 nations across three continents, affiliated to industry and academia. The Khuff is portrayed hierarchically from basin, play, environment, body and grain scale in 15 chapters on 400 pages with emphasis on 229 high-quality, full-colour figures.

The publication emphasizes the importance of subtle tectonics on all elements of the petroleum system. For those who want to find out more about the formation, the book has a contacts directory of Khuff specialists on different subject matters.

Table of contents
Introduction by special editor Michael C. Pöppelreiter 3
Acknowledgements 5

Chapter 1
The Khuff Formation: Play Elements and Development History of an Epicontinental Carbonate Platform 9

Chapter 2
Plate Reconstructions and Distribution of Sedimentary Facies during the Permo-Triassic Opening of the Neo-Tethys Ocean 23

Chapter 3
Basement Configuration and its Impact on Permo-Triassic Prospectivity in Kuwait 43

Chapter 4
Khuff Margin: Slope to Oceanic Deposits (Permian-Triassic Allochthons and Exotics, Oman) 55

Chapter 5
Biostratigraphy and Biofacies of Khuff Time-Equivalent Strata in the Al Jabal Al-Akhdar Area (Hajar Mountains), Northern Oman 77

Chapter 6
The Khuff Horeshoal of Interior Oman 127

Chapter 7
Evidence of Volcanic Activity in the Upper Permian Nar Member of the Dalan Formation, Southwest Iran 147

Chapter 8
A Review of the Permo-Triassic Gas Play in the Arabian Gulf Region 163

Chapter 9
Hydrocarbon Potential of the Upper Permian Chia Zairi Formation in Iraq 199

Chapter 10
Controls on Reservoir Quality in the Early Triassic Kangan Formation, Iran 219

Chapter 11
Classification of Bioturbation-related Reservoir Quality in the Khuff Formation (Middle East): Towards a Genetic Approach 247

Chapter 12
Outcrop-based 3D Geological and Reservoir Model of the Uppermost Khuff Formation in Central Saudi Arabia 269

Chapter 13
Khuff Formation in Kuwait: An Overview 303

Chapter 14
Diagenetic Evolution of a Permo-Triassic Khuff Oolitic Reservoir in North Oman 327

Chapter 15
Regional Top Seal of the Khuff Reservoir: The Sudair Formation 387

About the authors and co authors 401

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