Environmental Geophysics: Everything you ever wanted (needed!) to know but were afraid to ask! (EET7)


Environmental Geophysics: Everything you ever wanted (needed!) to know but were afraid to ask!

Publisher EAGE
Language ENGLISH
Pages 220 pages


This is an outward facing book for people who need to understand Geophysics because it can solve the problems they regularly encounter and help to deliver their optimal geotechnical solution, proved by the essential, but last to be applied, intrusive investigation. It may, of course, be of significant use to students and geophysical practitioners as it contains a wealth of case studies kindly provided by friends, colleagues and collaborators.

The people to whom this book is addressed do not require a great understanding of the mathematical basis of geophysics but do need to understand the physical principles, what information can be gleaned, the limitations and boundaries of interpretation and especially how we can combine techniques in an integrated way to solve subtle, complex and critical problems which one technique alone cannot solve.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 3
General disclaimer 5

1. Introduction 11
2. Gravity 21
3. Magnetic Surveying 57
4. Ground Penetrating Radar 87
5. Electrical Techniques 105
6. Electromagnetic Imaging 133
7. Seismic Waves 149
8. Quo Vadis Environmental Geophysics? 179

References 193
Appendix A. The Tricky Bits 209
A.1. More trickier stuff! But it applies to magnetic anomalies too 210
A.2. Continuation 211
A.2.1 Upward continuation provides separation & qualitative depth estimation 212
Index 213

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