Environmental and Engineering Geophysics

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This book comprehensively describes the theory, data acquisition and interpretation of all of the principal techniques of geophysical surveying.

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Publisher Cambridge
Language ENGLISH
Publish year 2008
Pages 500 pages
ISBN 9780521576321


Geophysical imaging methods provide solutions to a wide range of environmental and engineering problems: protection of soil and groundwater from contamination; disposal of chemical and nuclear waste; geotechnical site testing; landslide and ground subsidence hazard detection; location of archaeological artefacts.

This book comprehensively describes the theory, data acquisition and interpretation of all of the principal techniques of geophysical surveying: gravity, magnetic, seismic, self-potential, resistivity, induced polarization, electromagnetic, ground-probing radar, radioactivity, geothermal, and geophysical borehole logging. A final chapter is devoted to inversion theory and tomography. Each chapter is supported by a large number of richly illustrated case histories.

This book will prove to be a valuable course-book for advanced undergraduates and postgraduates in environmental and applied geophysics, a supplementary course-book for students of geology, engineering geophysics, civil and mining engineering, and a reference work for professional earth scientists, engineers and town planners.


– Only comprehensive textbook that covers all geophysical methods used in environmental work
– Balanced treatment between theory and application of techniques
– Specialised knowledge of maths and physics not expected
– Abundant diagrams
– Serves the needs of both students and professionals


The author has produced a text that introduces a well-balanced discussion and interesting case studies. The text should remain relevant and useful for some time to come. (Pageoph)

Table of Contents

1. Introductory observations
2. Gravity surveying
3. Magnetic surveying
4. Seismic surveys
5. Self-potential surveying
6. Resistivity and induced polarization surveys
7. Electromagnetic surveys
8. Ground-probing radar
9. Radioactivity surveys
10. Geothermal surveying
11. Geophysical borehole logging
12. Inversion theory and tomography

Appendix A. Analytical continuation of potential fields
Appendix B. Gravity and magnetic attraction of finite vertical or horizontal cylinder
Appendix C. Magnetic anomaly of a right rectangular prism with an arbitrary direction of magnetization vector
Appendix D. Poynting vector resistivity and the Bostick inversion

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