• How can I contact people at the EAGE Bookshop?

    If you have questions or something went wrong, do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us on office hours on this adress:

    De Molen 42

    3994 DB HOUTEN

    The Netherlands

    Tel.: +31 88 995 5055*

    Email:  bookshop@eage.org


  • What is the 'handling fee' that occurs with the shipping costs?

    For customers outside the European Union a customs invoice is required. This is an extended form of a commercial invoice required by customs (often in a specified format) in which the exporter states a description of the goods and price for the purpose of determining customs import value at the port of destination. Preparing and handling this document requires extra work for our logistics supplier, therefore we have to charge an extra fee of €16,50 to all packages sent to destinations outside the EU.


  • Who sends my order?

    Your purchase will be delivered by DHL  which is part of the German logistics company Deutsche Post. DHL will send you a tracking and tracing code so you can retrieve information on the whereabouts of your parcel.


  • I want to buy lots of books, can I get a discount?

    If you want to order a large amount of books at one time, please do not hesitate to contact Arjan Kors from the EAGE Bookshop directly (aks@eage.org / +31 88 995 5055 ). We’d be happy to see if a discount or other benefit is possible. A discount for bookshops is possible as well, as long as it concerns large orders. If it concerns only one book, please feel free to order it directly on our website.


  • What are the shipping costs for my country?

    Shipping costs are provided by our logistics partner DHL. They are based upon weight, volume and the destination of the books. Before finalizing your order you can always see the shipping costs for your specific order


  • Something went wrong

    In case of problems please contact us at: bookshop@eage.org / +31 88 995 5055


  • What about ebooks?

    Practically all EAGE titles  are available in the Epub format. For reading Epub there are all kinds of e readers available. See this link for Windows or this link for Mac for a good advice on what ereader to choose.

    Please be aware that ebooks cannot be returned to the EAGE Bookshop.






  • I am an EAGE member, do I receive a discount?

    As a welcome to all visitors we offer a 15% discount on all books. Use the coupon code Welcome15 to receive this discount!

    After the introduction of the new bookshop this discount will only be available for EAGE members. Read more about EAGE membership benefits