Hydrogeophysics – Methods and Processes

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This is a reprint of the Special Issue on Hydrogeophysics - Methods and Processes published in the journal Near Surface Geophysics, Volume 7, Numbers 5?6, October/December 2009.

Groundwater is an increasingly scarce and fragile resource and there is wide recognition of the challenges we face in effectively protecting and sustainably managing clean sources of water for human consumption and agricultural uses. The emerging field of hydrogeophysics, being the development and application of geophysical methodologies to explore and assess hydrological properties, structures and processes, has a pivotal role to play in achieving these objectives.

Table of Contents

- From the publisher
- Foreword (L. Pellerin, K. Holiger, L. Slater and U. Yaramanci)
- Ultra-shallow imaging using 3D seismic-reflection methods (S.D. Sloan, D.W. Steeples and G.P....


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Author(s): Louise Pellerin, Klaus Holliger, Lee Slater, Ugur Yaramanci
Pages: 661
Appearance: paperback
Publication date: 2009
Language: English
ISBN Number: 978-90-73781-75-7
Dimensions: 0
Publisher: EAGE Publications bv

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