Velocities, Time-imaging and Depth-imaging: Principles and Methods

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There are numerous textbooks and publications on seismic processing, and in particular migration. However, we do not know of any work giving an overview of the many types of 'velocities' used in Seismics and how they relate to the different methods involved in the creation of the seismic image.

This text reviews the imaging methods used in the oil and gas industry today, with a unique emphasis on this relationship between imaging and velocity. It addresses imaging in both time and depth domains, spanning the range of complexity from NMO correction to sophisticated pre-stack migrations. Recent tools, such as inversion and demigration, and new directions, e.g. accounting for anisotropy have also been tackled. The work is comprehensively illustrated with a total of more than 200 figures.

The book should therefore be of interest to students looking for a complete...


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Author(s): Etienne Robein
Pages: 464
Appearance: softcover
Publication date: 2003
Language: English
ISBN Number: 90-3781280
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Publisher: EAGE Publications bv

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