• ebook - Full waveform inversion in an anisotropic world: Where are the parameters hiding? Revised edition
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    Author(s):T.A. Alkhalifah
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    ebook - Advances in Gravity and Magnetic Processing and Interpretation
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    Author(s):J. Derek Fairhead
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    Recommendations for the Safety of People and Instruments in Ground-Penetrating Radar and Near-Surface Geophysical Prospecting
    This book offers an in-depth overview on the risks associated to Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Near-Surface Geophysical Prospecting, providing the reader with practical recommendations for the safety ...
    Author(s):Edited by R. Persico et al.
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    Geological Structure and History of the Arctic Ocean
    A new tectonic map of the Arctic is presented, in which the age and basic structural features of the littoral and oceanic sedimentary basins are shown. A description of the structure of the foundation ...
    Author(s):A.M. Nikishin, E.I. Petrov, N.A. Malyshev
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    Seismic Processing Tutorial: Using the SPW Software
    Geophysics is used to provide subsurface images. To attain this goal the geophysicist acquires data, called records. The records are then transformed into seismic sections in 2D or 3D. The succession ...
    Author(s):J.-L. Mari
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    Application Manual of Geophysical Methods to Engineering and Environmental Problems
    This book is a comprehensive manual of shallow geophysical surveys for engineering and environmental applications. It describes details of applicability and limitation, field procedure, analysis and ...
    Author(s):Edited by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists of Japan
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    Principles of Seismic Velocities and Time-to-Depth Conversion
    Despite its fundamental importance for acquiring an accurate picture of the subsurface, the topic of time-to-depth conversion on the basis of true propagation velocities has never been addressed in the ...
    Author(s):M. Al-Chalabi
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    Integrated Geophysical Models - Combining Rock Physics with Seismic, Electromagnetic and Gravity Data
    The growing interest for electromagnetic and gravity methods, together with the availability of high quality seismic data, justifies the development of efficient methodologies for combining heterogeneous ...
    Author(s):Paolo Dell'Aversana
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    El Oro Negro (The Black Gold)
    There has never been a lack of oil in the world. By using advanced extraction methods and with higher oil prices, economically accessible reserves are increasing. Because of the new technologies, which ...
    Author(s):H. van Kasteel
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    Satellite InSAR Data: Reservoir Monitoring from Space (EET 9)
    Satellite radar data for surface deformation monitoring are gaining increasing attention, and not only within the oil and gas community. They provide a powerful tool for remotely measuring extremely small ...
    Author(s):A. Ferretti
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